Oriol Estela Barnet

Economist and Geographer

Barcelona (Catalonia)

From January 16 to January 31, 2019

Biography —

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Professional in local economic development since 1995, first in private consultancy for public administrations, mainly in Galicia and Andalusia and since 2005 in the area of economic promotion and employment of the Diputació de Barcelona, where in 2012 he was appointed head of the technical office of strategies for economic development. Since 2016 he has been the general coordinator of the Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan, an activity that he combines with teaching collaboration with the Ibero-American Centre for Strategic Urban Development (CIDEU) and the technical coordination of the Barcelona-UPF Chair in Local Economic Policy. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Nexe about social economy y cooperative movement and a module professor in the IERMB-UAB Metropolis Masters and the UPC Masters in Urban and Territorial Development, as well as in other training programmes, conferences and symposia.


The project consists of the documentation and writing of an academic article that deals with the definition of a new economic mainstream, based on collaborative, social, green / circular and digital visions of the economy from both theoretical contributions from various sources and the proliferation of diverse experiences of local economic development in our environment and elsewhere. Precisely, the corollary pretends that this new mainstream must be constructed fundamentally from the local economies.