Núria Macià Casanovas

Executive Director of Creacció


Del 16 al 31 de gener de 2019

Biography —

Economist with a great vocation of service who has been working in local development for more than twenty years, first in Catalan institutions and for eleven years in the local world. In this stage linked to the local world, he has become more aware of the importance of quantitatively and qualitatively analysing the data and the evolution of the territory, as a basis for making strategic decisions. For this reason, at the moment, as executive director of Creacció (the agency of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Knowledge of Osona area), her focus is on the qualitative analysis of the territory.

Project —

At Faber I’m going to work in methodological design of the mobility analysis of a territory with urban dispersion. It will consist of a work will include bibliographic research on similar cases, define the territorial scope (segment and reduce) and the social reach (segment and subtract), build a sample (territorial representation) and establish the collaborating agents. The work will conclude with an action plan to develop the first analysis in Osona (focus groups, distribution of the surveys, contacts, calendar, among others) and the design of the specific materials (survey design).