Nina Carlsson

PhD Candidate in Political Science

Stockholm (Sweden)

From October 21 to October 31, 2019

Biography —

Nina Carlsson is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at Södertörn University. Her research interests include non-dominant minorities, linguistic domination, colonialism, territoriality and migration. In her doctoral dissertation, she investigates nation-building through linguistic-cultural immigrant integration policies in multinational states with historically present minorities. Her work has appeared in Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe.

Project at Faber —

In the research carried out at Faber, I problematize the weak position of non-dominant minority languages in linguistic-cultural requirements for immigrants in Europe. I make their exclusion visible through a policy mapping and challenge their absence in a normative discussion, claiming that states should grant the possibility for immigrants to learn such languages both for the linguistic adaptation of immigrants and to counter the assimilation of non-dominant minority languages. Immigrant integration is a key element of nation-building with interlinked yet different consequences for both national minorities and immigrants, which is why I aim to contribute to this underresearched topic.