Neus Penalba

Professor and researcher


15 January to 11 February 2017

Biography —

Neus Penalba (Tarragona, 1982) has focused her professional career in the study of Catalan literature. The last few years she has been a professor of Catalan language and literature abroad. She has worked for three French universities: –Université Lyon 2, Université Jean Monnet and Université Paris 8– and more recently in Québec, at Université de Montréal. She has also been a professor in the United States –Reed College, Portland– and in Catalonia –at Rovira i Virgili University and at Catalonia Open University. Her research activity in the last few years has mainly been related to the group in Barcelona University “Compared Literature in the European Intellectual Space”. She is currently ending her doctoral thesis on the posthumous novel by Mercè Rodoreda La mort i la primavera, at Girona University and directed by Xavier Pla. 

Project —

During my stay at Faber, I will be working in my doctoral thesis about La mort i la primavera, by Catalan author Mercè Rodoreda, one of the most unsettling and unknown novels of the most reknowed Catalan writers. I have chosen this title not only because it hasn’t been studied in depth yet, but also because I think that it is the text by Rodoreda in which both her prose and imaginary have the highest quality.