Negin Armioun

Architect and Researcher


From January 19 to January 31, 2018

Biography —


Negin is a feminist architect and researcher from Iran who’s studying master of sustainable architecture at Tampere University of Technology, Finland. In her designs and articles, she tries to combine gender studies and social sciences with architecture and look at urban planning and design from a feminist point of view. She is currently working on the new ways of participatory urban planning to get involved the excluded groups of people from decision making process and give “the others” a voice and a tool to be heard. She has also worked on challenging the gender and spatial binaries such as public/private with a feminist perspective.

Project —

In Faber, Negin plans to use the multi-disciplinary atmosphere to discuss about possible/impossible equal cities and how certain groups of people have been excluded from public spaces and how it can be changed toward a more inclusive urban space. She also arranges a new spatial setting to challenge publicness/privateness for residents in Faber. She will use the results of discussions and spatial experience for her master thesis about new approach of engagement in designing the living space/neighborhood/town/city toward a more equal society.