Natalia Beteva



From March 12 to March 15, 2020

Biography —

Natalia Anatolievna Beteva was born in 1996 in St. Petersburg, Russia. From an early age, especially in High School, she was interested in linguistics and Latin language, as well as attracted to European culture and literature. Consequently, she entered the Philology Department of St. Petersburg State University to deepen her knowledge and study languages professionally. She graduated as a specialist in Romance languages, especially those of the Iberian Peninsula. Currently she works as a translator and interpreter from French, Spanish, Galician and Catalan, mostly with children’s and juvenile literature. She also gives classes of Spanish and proceeds with her Catalan studies, which she considers among one of the highest of her priorities.

Project at Faber —

I’m going to partake in one of the translating seminars under the leadership of the well-known translator from Catalan to Russian, Nina Avrova. During the stay we will be working on the translation of the short story Nené Futa, by Jordi Tomàs.