Moon Sanghoon

Conceptual Artist

South Korea (Republic of Korea)

From March 5 to March 19, 2018

Biography —


Moon Sanghoon has been interested in the environment since 2007. She studied human behavior to solve this problem. She imagined alternative energy to make using human actions and emotions. She made it in the form of art like a drawings book, fake-vides, and fake-objects. Because she thought art is the easiest way to move the mind. The purpose of her artwork is to enable the audience to feel the seriousness of energy issues. It is a reminder of there’s unnecessary behavior to human. But she also knows that people cannot change easily. Therefore, she invented Energy Project to make energy while they just living. This is her artwork. Her medium is concept and language. She works in a way that changes people’s thoughts and shows them the process. She works in whimsical way that people don’t think about. And she shares her thoughts directly with people about it. She has a master of arts degree from Korean National University of Arts. Now she makes her artwork in public. She will continue to work in immaterial way for environmental reasons.

Project —

I usually work with a people who meet on the street. My work can not make by myself. My artwork can be completed when someone respond and participate. In this sense, my work also could be collaboration. My work consists of a record or a reaction of conversations with them. In the end, my work is not just a record of a conversation hanging on the wall, but an ‘Thinking(Idea)’ that comes to mind of the audience. I call that idea out in language. So, in this session, I will go out to the streets, meet local people, listen to their stories and work with them.