Milthon Robles

Journalist, writer and human rights activist

San Pedro Sula (Honduras)

From September 16 to September 25, 2018

Biography —

Journalist, radio broadcaster, writer, human rights activist with more than two decades of experience in the field of investigative journalism and chronicles of organized crime, highlighting investigative journalism issues such as drug trafficking, prostitution, child exploitation and natural resource exploitation in Honduras and several Latin American countries.

President and co-founder of the Association of Independent Communicators of Honduras.

Members of the alert and protection network for journalists and human rights defenders in Honduras.

Awarded by the Association of Environmental Journalists of Central America for the defense of the environment, 2007.

International prize for environmental poetry for the network of environmental defenders in Central America, 1999.

Project —

During my stay I will dedicate my time to writing a novel about the real situation of freedom of expression and human rights in Honduras and Latin America, based on the personal experiences and experiences of other colleagues I know personally.

I will also take advantage of my stay to continue with my book of rebellious poetry.