Mie Guldbæk Brøns

Educational anthropologist and Managing Director at LOOP.bz

Copenhagen (Denmark)

From March 11 to March 18, 2019

Biography —

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Mie Guldbæk Brøns works as a consultant in innovative learning environments. The past eight years she has been studying physical spaces and social behaviour, mainly in educational environments. With a M.Ed in Educational Anthropology, she does in depth research on teachers’ collaboration and the interdependency with physical space. Her observations often take place in innovative learning environments that has an emphasis on 21st Century learning. She studies schools on a more general level by visiting schools all over the world looking at the connection between spaces and pedagogical approaches. She is currently also working on an Erasmus+ funded project called Spotlighters, where the emphasis is to teach students how to deal with and alleviate stress. The project is rooted in neuroscience and is a collaboration with several universities and private businesses in Europe.

Project —

The project we (Rune Fjord, Bodil Hovaldt Bøjer and I) will be working on is an educational project with focus on the linkage between design and pedagogy. The misconception that new spaces change pedagogical practice simply because of their spatial design is in the way of pedagogical development as part of refurbishments and/or expansions in educational buildings. Through developing and testing various types of activation of innovative learning environments in accordance with 21st Century skills, we want to help teachers work actively with the design of the physical space and designers to create spatial design based on pedagogy and the actual needs of the users.