Meagan O’Shea

Contemporary Dance-Theatre Artist


From March 20 to March 28, 2018

Biography —


Meagan O’Shea, creates and performs “Uplifting, energetic and totally out of the ordinary” solo, ensemble, participatory and site-specific work. She has performed her solo work across Canada, in New York and Europe. Her DYA piece, The Love Project, has been performed for thousands of teenagers; her site-specific ensemble improv project, dance like no one is watching, has taken her from coast to coast in Canada; she has created three community-engaged interactive installation and performances. She is newly collaborating in creating dance-films exploring place: Postcards for the future and Dance-Scapes: Land-Songs. Her upcoming solo

show, Dream Another Day, examines rape culture and global consumerism. She has been International Associate Artist at Dance Ireland, Artistic Collaborator with Barcelona International Dance Exchange and Associate Artist for Theatre Direct. She is the artistic director of Stand Up Dance, co-founder of Hub14 and recipient of the KM Hunter Award in Dance.

Project —

The project is the same for all of the residents of Dance period: Léxico, understanding in the unknown. An international collaboration between dance artists who speak different languages to create a new performance together.