Marta Portero

Doctor of Neuroscience and Lecturer in UAB

Barcelona (Catalonia)

From April 28 to April 30, 2018

Biography —

Doctor of Neuroscience. Lecturer in the Psychobiology department at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and in Medicine at the University of Girona. Consultant Professor of Psychology and Health Coaching at the Open University of Catalonia and Postgraduate in Breeding 0-3 and Socioeducational Care at the University of Barcelona. Research experience in neuroscience at the CEU-San Pablo University in Madrid, at the Parc de Recerca Biomèdica in Barcelona, at the Utrecht University, at the Sabana University (Bogota) and currently a researcher in the group of Neurobiology of Learning and Memory at the Neuroscience Institute of the UAB. Specialist in the contributions of neuroscience to educational innovation.

Project —

During the stay in Faber, Silvia Sasot and me will address the socio-spatial contexts of schools with a double perspective (neuroscience and architecture). Our interest focuses on the conceptual improvement of the design of learning and coliving environments based on the framework of the cognitive neuroscience.