Marina Espasa

Writer, translator and literary critic


23 to 30 January 2017

Biography —

Marina Espasa (Barcelona, 1973) is the head of  the UNESCO Office Barcelona City of Literature in Barcelona’s City Council. Author of two novels, La dona que es va perdre (2012), and El dia del cérvol (2016), she teaches literature at the Writing School of the Ateneu Barcelonès and is a literary critic as well as a literary translator. She was a cultural journalist for years, involved in TV and radio book shows.

Project —

Having been working on the translation from English to Catalan of the Henry David Thoreau’s short essay «Walking» during the last few months, I still have to write an introduction which should be about not only Thoreau’s essay, but should ideally be a wide survey of other authors who have dealt in the past with the same subject, ranging from Nietzsche or Robert Walser to more contemporary writers such as Frederic Gros or Rebecca Solnit, all together with my own thoughts on the subject.

Spending one or two weeks at the unique environment of the Faber Residency, in Olot, would be the perfect occasion to revise the translation and write the prologue, as well as do some real walking around the residency, away from the city, and apply the experience to the writing.