Marc Saludes



From September 24 to September 30, 2018

Biography —

Marc Saludes Rullo is a visual journalist. He has studied filmmaking and documentary cinema in Barcelona and Panamà (Fundación Indicri Scholarship). He has been shooting videos for brands and social media while developing visual journalism projects for SomAtents last two years. At this moment, he is involved, with SomAtents, in the preproduction of the documentary La memòria de Reina Amàlia, which aims to recover the memory of jailed women at this prison at the beginning of the 20th century.

Project —

Project shared with SomAtents group.

The women prison of Reina Amàlia (1839-1936), located in Raval, Barcelona, ​​has been long forgotten by the city. The research, carried out by SomAtents, has begun to visualize his memory and the memory of so many women who lived there, with an exhibition and training workshops destined to groups of the neighborhood. The next stage of the project is the creation of a documentary that recovers the memory of the women who inhabited it, voices obviated by a patriarchal story and narrated from power. Based on the search for historical and testimonial sources, such as the descendants of women prey, SomAtents will create the script for the documentary piece, the previous step to his recording and assembly.