Luis Guillermo Hernández

Journalist and professor, Mexico

From 15 May to 30 May 2017

Biography —

Luis Guillermo Hernández is freelance journalist, professor and PhD student.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the media: newspapers, magazines, television, radio and digital media. He is correspondent in México of the some media of Latin America.

His journalistic work has been published in magazines, newspapers of the Mexico and Latin América and the books Generación ¡Bang! Los nuevos cronistas del narco en México (Planeta, 2012), Entre las cenizas (Sur+, 2012) and 72 migrantes (Almadía, 2011).

He received awards such as Premio Nacional de Periodismo in 2006, Premio de Periodismo Cultural Fernando Benítez in 2011 and he was finallist of the Premio Latinoamericano de Periodismo sobre Drogas in 2013.

Project —

During the stay, Luis Guillermo wishes to work on the conclusion of the writing of the first draft of a journalistic novel whose tentative title is La Petrolera or Nomás el recuerdo queda.

It is the literary journalistic story of the life of an anonymous Mexican worker who lives and witnesses the rise and fall of an empire (the mexican oil industry) and that of her entire country, since the time of the “mexican miracle”, when the country promised prosperity, until the social and economic decline of the war for drug trafficking and corruption in the 21st century.

Narrated by two voices, from extensive conversation with the protagonist and historical documentation, La Petrolera or Nomás el recuerdo queda is intended to be the story of the vision of the anonymous, workers who watch the events that mark their time and their lives without being able to do anything about it.