Lorena Rodriguez

Social worker

Carcaboso (Spain)

From January 24 to January 26, 2019

Biography —

Lorena is a young Extremaduran defender of the rural environment. She defends her region whenever she can to put it on an equal footing with the rest. She studied Social Work because she believes that people are the main ones to generate change and transform our world. Political activist since 2008. She never thought of participating in politics, but entering an institution to work helped her to encourage herself to be able to manage and project changes in her municipality. She works for the shared leadership and popular sovereignty of her municipality. She defends feminist movements and works to give women the place they deserve.

Project —

Carcaboso agroecological aims to raise awareness among people living in the municipality that there is another way of governing, not authoritarian, but shared. Most decisions are made by consensus. We work to maintain the popular culture of our people. We work to give access to municipal resources and to give awareness to the neighbors who belong to everyone, the edible gardens, our municipal lands, our water, our sun, our facilities, our decisions and the management of our budget. We are people who work to energize our people day by day.