Lizbeth Vega Pérez

Doctor in Psychology (PhD). Resarcher and Full Faculty in Facultad de Psicologia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Mexico City (Mexico)

From March 4 to March 14, 2019

Biography —

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Doctor of Psychology, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.  She is a member of the National System of Researchers in Mexico. Full Time Faculty at the Postgraduate and Research Division of the Faculty of Psychology in Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

Her teaching and research work is focused on Child Development and Educational Psychology, particularly, on emergent literacy and comprehensive development in preschool children. Also, his research and professional work has focused on collaborating with teachers and parents to promote child development.

She has conducted some research projects which had been the bias to train researchers and professionals with Undergraduate, Master and Doctoral Degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology.

She has published articles, chapters and books about issues regarding Child Development and Educational Psychology.

Project —

During my stay in Faber Residence, I am interested in writing a research article about the results from a research project which objective was “To design, implement and evaluate a training package to promote that teachers apply and share effective strategies for emergent literacy development in Mexican preschool children”.

Also, I’m very interested in sharing knowledge and experiences about innovative pedagogical strategies with colleagues all about the world to contribute to the development of this particular field of knowledge.

Finally, I think I’m able to share my experience about promoting emergent literacy with parents and /or community members.