Laurence Estanove

Researcher, writer, teacher


From May 17 to May 24, 2019

Biography —


Holding a PhD in English poetry from the University of Toulouse, Laurence Estanove currently teaches English in the Department of Social Sciences at Paris Descartes University. As a scholar, she has co-edited two books on English literature and published several articles in academic journals. In parallel, she has been conducting personal research on popular music since 2012, with a particular soft spot for Glasgow where she first came in the early 2000s driven by a passion for the local music scene. In January 2017, her essay “Some Thought’s on Glasgow’s Geomusicality” appeared in issue 57 of Glasgow periodical The Drouth (“Resonance”, guest ed. Elodie Roy & Stewart Smith), while another is featured in a collection of essays with a French publisher (Disorder: pour une histoire sociale des mouvements punk / post punk, Mélanie Seteun, 2019).

Project —

My current research looks at the influence that popular music can have on people’s attachment to a place, with particular focus on the case of Glasgow. At Faber I will be pursuing the writing of a book that explores the attractiveness of the Scottish city’s independent music scene since the early 1980s in the words of musicians, fans, journalists – all involved in their own way in making the musical identity of the city and its international reputation. In the form of oral history, my book will draw from original interviews with Glaswegian music-makers and from testimonies of listeners worldwide.