Klara Regnö

PhD researcher, Feminist Scholar, Senior Lecturer

Stockholm (Sweden)

From November 7 to November 14, 2017

Biography —

Klara Regnö is a feminist scholar and senior lecturer in the field of Gender, Management and Organization. Her work includes studies of gender and career opportunities, leadership, managerial work at different strategic levels and in different organizational settings both in private and public sector, including academia. The theory and practice of change is also an area of interest in her research. She has studied change initiatives in organizations, gender mainstreaming, work for gender equality and diversity in close collaboration with different companies and organizations. Her recent works include the chapter “Challenges to feminist solidarity in the era of New Public Management” in Thwaites & Pressland eds. Being an Early Career Feminist Academic. Palgrave Macmillan

Project —

During her stay at Faber she will be working on a book on feminist leadership research and research on gender equality/equity/diversity. The purpose of the book is to bridge the gap between academia and society and spread research results to a wider audience. Through awareness of structural barriers, managers can help create equal working conditions and thus pave the way for women and other disadvantaged groups in working life. This book wishes to make a contribution to increased gender equality in the labor market.