Khaled Alesmael

Writer and journalist

Syria and Sweden

From February 21 to February 28, 2020

Biography —

Personal Web

Syrian born journalist and writer, Khaled Alesmael graduated in English Literature in 2006 at Damascus University. His journalism has been highly awarded for his coverage of topics of culture, climate and migration. His debut novel Selamlik was translated into Swedish and published in 2018 with the publishing house Leopard, and has been widely acclaimed as a powerful account of an emergent Arab queer identity, in a society claiming freedom. It tells the story of a country at war through a homoerotic perspective. He became a Swedish citizen in 2018 and received an award  for his short Coffee with Sukkar at Gothenburg Film Festival in 2019.

Project at Faber —

I am currently writing a creative non fiction book (Arab toGay OR Arab toQueer) in which I examine how QLGBTI+ Arabs negotiate their Queer and Arab identities and how their inter-sectional subjectivity is framed by social class, politics, age, and their experience of exile. I am researching a case in Barcelona which I will follow during my stay.