Kathy Giori

IoT Evangelist

Mozilla, Mountain View, CA, USA

From May 5 to May 13, 2019

Biography —

Kathy Giori is a member of the Mozilla WebThings team. The project is an open source IoT implementation that puts people first, protecting user privacy and security, while promoting industry interoperability. She also advises the MicroBlocks team. The combination of the two projects leads to excellent tools for STEAM education and the openness and affordability will lead to fairer distribution of IoT economic benefits globally.

Project —

At Faber, I plan to support testing and documentation of the MicroBlocks WebThings library, which is a fantastic and easy way to turn small microcontroller boards into IoT devices. I will bring popular and inexpensive Maker hardware to Faber, so that I can generate several practical examples, and produce supporting documentation (for online self-instruction and teacher-led workshops, plus a few video tutorials).