Kathleen McNerney

Professor, literary critic, translator

Albuquerque New Mexico (United States)

From October 23 to November 7, 2017

Biography —

She is Professor Emerita of Hispanic Studies and Women’s Studies at West Virginia University. Her publications include Latin American, Castilian, and French literature, but most focus on Catalan women writers. Co-editor of Double Minorities of Spain (MLA, 1994), she has also edited collections of articles on Mercè Rodoreda and compiled a critical bibliography of Rodoreda’s work. She has translated four novels and many stories, essays, and poems. She is now finishing a translation of stories and a monologue by Caterina Albert, to be published by MLA (Modern Language Association).

Project —

The project is to finish a translation of La Passió segons Renée Vivien by Maria-Mercè Marçal and to write a critical introduction to the novel, including explanations of the many literary and historical references in the work. The time spent in Olot will include lectures and poetry readings.