Karel Williams

Professor at Alliance Manchester Business School


From January 14 to January 24, 2019

Biography —

member of the foundational economy collective foundationaleconomy.com

Karel Williams comes from a small industrial town in Wales and is actively involved in current Welsh debates about economic development. He has for twenty five years worked at the University of Manchester where he is part of a research team which  pioneered research into financialization in the decade when he was director of the Economic and Social Research Council funded Centre for Research on Socio Cultural Change. For the past five years he has worked on the everyday economy and is a leading member of the foundational economy colective of academics whose most recent  book is Foundational Economy is being published in English, German and Italian.


The project is to write up our research on Morriston into an 8,000 word public interest report which will be published with our third sector partner Coastal Housing. This is a pilot attempt to rethink urban policy and local development strategy for the periphery and from the bottom-up by focusing on one district of a middle-sized city Swansea which is by standard economic criteria not grossly deprived but averagely unsuccessful. We are trying to understand how Morriston works for different kinds of household partly by developing a new concept of foundational liveability.