Juan del Río

Educator and designer for socio-ecological sustainability. 

Cardedeu (Spain)

From January 24 to January 25, 2019

Biography —

Personal website

Municipalities in Transition project officer and Coordinator of Red de Transición. Biologist, activist, facilitator, educator and researcher for sustainability. Since 2006 he focuses his work on promoting systemic change and new models of sustainable living and local resilience, having worked in Europe, Latin America and Middle East. Juan is author of Guía del movimiento de Transición, first book about transition in Spanish. He lives in Cardedeu, Barcelona.

Project —

Municipalities in Transition

Red de Transición

Municipalities in transition (MiT): An innovative project, stemming from the international Transition movement, to create a clear framework for how Transition groups and municipalities can create sustainable change together. The MIT framework is now being tested in 6 municipalities in 5 countries, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary and Brazil. MiT is also developing a vibrant international community of practice that aims to support more municipalities, communities and decision-makers to engage with Transition-inspired approaches for sustainable change grounded in local needs. 

Red de Transición (RedT): Spanish Transition hub. Organisation that catalizes socioecological transition processes. Supporting local initiatives and connecting them with each other, with the International Transition movement and with other social movements and institutions (public and private).