José R. Delannoy

Curator for the Pau Casals Foundation of New York in Puerto Rico

San Juan (Puerto Rico)

From October 22 to November 4, 2019

Biography —

Jose Delannoy is currently the representative for The Pau Casals Foundation of New York, since January, 2019. Lecturer of Cultural Tourism Program at the School of Administration of Hotels and Restaurants, UPR in Carolina. Instructor at Interamerican University of Fajardo, Business Administration Program in Tourism (2018). Former Curator and Administrator of the Pau Casals’ Museum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, (2002-2018). As part of other experiences in museum field worked at the Smithsonian Institution (SI) between 1999 to 2001.He earned his Master’s in World Heritage and Projects of Cultural Projects (2016) and a Masters’ degree in Museum Studies (2003) both from the University of Barcelona.

Project at Faber —

My goal is to conduct a comparative study on cultural diversity policies within those twin cities in the name of Maestro Pau Casals. Prades-France, El Vendrell-Catalonia and Mayaguez-Puerto Rico. Those cities that are united by a twinning of cities process. The UNESCO Charter of 2005 is instrumental in diversity and inclusion policies. We face being able to get other cities Barcelona-Catalonia and San Juan, Puerto Rico to meet to be part of this network within these initiatives that achieve the conservation and dissemination of the intangible heritage of Pau Casals.