José Antonio Flores Farfán


Mérida Yucatán (México)

From November 12 to November 19, 2018 

Biography —

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He is a sociolinguist working in the revitalization of indigenous languages. He was born in the Yucatán,  México. His both grandparents spoke Maya Yucatec, one as a first language, and the other as a second tongue. This marked him for all his life, and determined what he do now, and is his passion and high compromise: promote indigenous languages in all possible ways. He studied therefore linguistics, first in Mexico ENAH, B.A., M.A) and his doctorate at the University of Amsterdam. He is based in Mexico City, his home institution is CIESAS, Research Centre for Higher Education and Social Research, where he teaches and coordinates a lab producing multimodal materials in indigenous languages. He represents Linguapax in Latin America, which has allowed him to expand contacts and networks with other parts of Latin America and the world.

Project —

My project consists to critically share and establish a productive dialogue on bottom up language empowerment, discussing ideas and multidisciplinary efforts to reevaluate indigenous minoritized languages and cultures and their speakers, getting to know other experiences in the same vein and inspirational forces that nurture such an endeavor through the media and the arts, looking to create paths to develop well informed good practices in language revitalization, specifically in the form of creative educational materials for a general audience, especially children. In parallel I am also interested in developing a critique of the social sciences, especially linguistics and anthropology.