Johannes Hendrik Van Steenbergen

Translator and Interpreter Polish/Dutch

Ijmuiden (the Netherlands)

From November 12 to November 19, 2018 

Biography —

Personal Website

Jan van Steenbergen (1970) studied East European Studies and Slavistics at the University of Amsterdam, and nowadays works as a Dutch-Polish translator and interpreter. His main interest are constructed languages. He has spent many years reading and writing about language creation and interlinguistics, and created several languages himself, most of which reflect his interest in the Slavic languages: Vozgian (a fictional North Slavic language), Wenedyk (Polish as a Romance language) and Interslavic (an auxiliary language for Slavs, intended to be intelligible without any prior study). In addition, he has written several transliteration programs in JavaScript. Since 2016, he has been Vice President of the Language Creation Society.

Project —

“Constructed languages in the 21th century” describes how constructed languages have been affected by the Digital Age. Not only has their number grown exponentially, they have also become more diverse. Conlangs play an increasingly prominent role in fiction and popular culture, and the process of globalisation opens new perspectives for auxiliary languages, especially zonal and regional languages. This emancipation of constructed languages has led to broader social acceptation, growing academic interest, the rise of conlang communities and the formation of an international organization, but also poses new problems, for example, their status as “real” languages and the issue of conlang classification.