Joan Soler

Archivist. Records Manager. Diplomatics expert, Catalonia

From 15 to 21 May 2017

Biography —

Director of the Historical Archive of Terrassa, professor of Diplomatics at the School of Archival and Records Management of UAB (Barcelona) and president of the Catalan Archivists and Records Managers Society. Since 2004 carries on investigating new uses of Diplomatics, understood as the science that studies the authenticity of documentary records made in any historical epoch, also the present. He has worked with medieval, modern and contemporary documentation, being particularly prolific in the study of documentary authenticity of digital records. If a  document is authentic is vital for it to be a real source of guarantee. Its management and protection are basical for a more transparent organizations, to promote access to quality information and to provide critical knowledge and tools for accountability.

Project —

There are two areas I want to work during my stay at Faber. The evaluation of the quality and authenticity of documents used to justify certain news media and to demonstrate its veracity. Secondly, the improvement of the most appropriate working methods to ensure that electronic records have the appropriate metadata to preserve their long-term essential properties, i.e, reliability, authenticity, integrity, identity, accessibility and usability. A validated method will provide quality and guarantee to the information that circulate by the digital press channels. At the same time, the public will have a tool to enrich arguments of critical analysis of information and will develop criteria to discern genuine news from fake news.