Joan Bernà

Journalist and politologist

Barcelona (Catalonia)

From October 6 to October 7, 2018

Biography —

Journalist and politologist. He has worked in several consultancies in tasks of management and implementation of processes of citizen participation by city councils of the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. I am currently conducting Cultural Management course at UOC and I work for two third sector organizations in community revitalization and documentation tasks.

As a journalist I collaborate with media such as Directa, SomAtents and local radios. In the field of communication I’m involved in projects compromised to the social transformation, cultural divulgation and preservation of historical memory.

Project —

In order to participate in the joint meeting of SomAtents collection and to refocus and fill in the project, I am part of the team that has reconstructed the history of the former prisoner of women in the Raval de Barcelona and during my stay at Faber we will assess and evaluate the work done so far and what we will do in the coming months in audiovisual format.