Jenn Díaz


Barcelona (Catalonia)

From October 23 to October 26, 2017

Biography —

Jenn Díaz (Barcelona, 1988) is a writer. Belfondo’s author (edited for the first time in 2011 and with a new edition revised in 2017), El duelo y la fiesta (2012), Mujer sin hijo (2013), Es un decir (2014), Mare i filla (2015), la seva primera novel·la en català, i Vida familiar (2017), Mercè Rodoreda Award 2016 for stories and tales. És Premi Continuarà 2016. She collaborates with Jot Down, El Periódico and Catorze.cat. His work has been translated into Italian and Polish.

Project —

In recent novels, female characters have been the absolute protagonists of the stories, but in all cases deaf domestic violence, rivalry and feminine pessimism played a definitive role. In the new novel Jenn Díaz would like to explore another way of focusing on feminism, moving away from the most aggressive and sad roles of women as victims of man and society, and creating two more solidarity female characters. Based somewhat on the experience of the Camino de Santiago —the nomadic life, the fact of walking and leaving behind not only personal objects—, the two women will make their way through the hand, with tensions but in solidarity. In short, another novel of women, but trying to star in the sisterhood and abandonment of what bother us.