Javier Sinay


Buenos Aires (Argentina)

From September 16 to September 25, 2018

Biography —

Javier Sinay is a journalist. He published the non-fiction books Cuba Stone (Tusquets, 2016, in co-authorship); Los crímenes de Moisés Ville (Tusquets, 2013); and Sangre joven (Tusquets, 2009; Rodolfo Walsh Prize in Semana Negra de Gijón). He edited ¡Extra!, an anthology of 150 years of Argentine crime news (Del Nuevo Extremo, 2017, in co-authorship). He is also the author of a profile of the former Argentine Army captain Jorge “Tigre” Acosta, published in Los malos (anthology edited by Leila Guerriero, UDP, 2015).

He writes for RED/ACCION (www.redaccion.com.ar) and in the newspaper La Nación, of Buenos Aires. He worked as a correspondent in South America for the Mexican newspaper El Universal, and as an editor of Rolling Stone magazine (Argentina).

In 2015 he won the Gabriel García Márquez Award from Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (FNPI) for his article “Rápido. Furioso. Muerto”, published in Rolling Stone (Argentina).

Project —

It is a book of traveling chronicles about love. In other words, something like a trip in search of love. These are non-fiction stories I researched last year while traveling through Spain, France, Germany, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China, South Korea and Japan.

My girlfriend was studying in Kyoto: visiting her was the excuse to do all that tour and also to make reportages. So I searched the road for other stories of romance, lack of love, company, loneliness, sexuality: love is a human and social magma in which we are all intertwined.