Jadga Hügle

Snap! Researcher

Heidelberg (Germany)

From May 6 to May 13, 2019

Biography —

Originally a biologist with focus on ecology, Jadga is now working for SAP’s outreach initiative and Snap! Team. For the block-based visual programming language Snap!, she develops learning material and trainings and thus is responsible for S and T in STEAM education.  She discovered her fascination for computer science while tinkering on a small connected greenhouse and grew fond of the maker-community. Today, Jadga is quite successfully sharing her enthusiasm about technology and nature with others. As a participant of FABER’s robotics residency in 2018, Jadga could already scent Catalonia’s creative air and is excited to be back in Olot.

Project —

I will be working on Snap! and Microblocks with Jens Mönig, Bernat Romagosa, Kathy Giori and John Maloney, maybe you can add their text to me as well. If that’s not possible, just get back to me and I will find something to write about