Iva Ticic

Teacher and Writer

Zagreb (Croatia)

From March 23 to March 31, 2020

Biography —

Iva Ticic is an international artist and teacher. She has a Masters Degree in English literature and Public speaking from the University of Zagreb, Croatia and a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College, New York. In the past, her travels have relocated her to reside, study and work in places as diverse as New York, USA and Guangzhou, China. At the time being, she is yet again based in her home country of Croatia. 

Iva’s poetry is influenced by the personal, the musical, the inter-relational and the global. Also, she is an avid teacher who strongly believes in the power of young people to change our collective future for the better. Thus far, she has published one chapbook, titled Alice in Greenpoint (Finishing Line Press, 2015). Lastly, during this residency she will be working on her first full length manuscript, in hope of finishing it by the year’s end.

Project at Faber —

I want to focus on finally completing my first full length collection. The stage that will be of most interest to me during the residency is the choosing of the poems to use for this particular project and finding out how they connect with each other into a narrative whole. I would like to use your space to physically spread the poems out and look at them as their own entities. I want to play with the way they work and the shape they are taking in terms of themes such as home, distance, intimacy, breathing space. Once I finish finding the common threads and (hopefully!) a title, I will gain so much clarity about where this work is headed.