Irina Poleshchuk

Researcher, Writer and Artist

Helsinki (Finland)

From January 12 to January 18, 2020

Biography —

Her educational background lies in fields of arts and aesthetics. Since 2000 Irina has been teaching history and theory of arts, philosophy of art, art of memory. At the same time her research interest was mostly in phenomenology of ethics and temporality, she has been studying philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas. In 2010 Irina have defended PhD with the monograph ‘Temporality of the Face-to-Face in Levinas’ Ethics’ (University of Helsinki). Since then, her post-doctoral research at the University of Helsinki has focused on the ethics of temporality, temporality of justice, pain, shame, gilt, suffering and the phenomenology of embodiment, the feminine and maternity, phenomenology of pain and paternal relation, temporality of pain and responsibility, phenomenology of pain in maternity, philosophy of pain and traumatic displacements.

Project —

During several workshops, together with my colleagues we are going to work on common monography “Story Interventions against The Gender Gap from a Global Perspective.” In collaboration with my co-writer Valerie Giovanini we are going to analyse, to discuss content, to plan structure of her contribution and mine, and to incorporate them together into one text.