Irene Pasquinelli

PhD Researcher in complex hyperbolic geometry 

Durham (England)

From February 19 to march 4, 2018

Biography —

She was born in Pescara, in Italy, which he left almost 10 years ago following her passion: Mathematics. She studied in Rome for her undergraduate degree and moved to Paris for her Masters in Ecole Polytechnique. Currently, she is a PhD student in Durham, UK.

She worked in different fields of geometry, which have applications to different life problems, like the study of the universe and string theory in physics, the study of crystals in chemistry and so on.

Currently she works on dynamics on surfaces and on complex hyperbolic lattices.

Her job also makes her travel a lot, because creativity is stimulated by interactions with different cultures. For example, she spent one year in Japan with a research fellowship. She loves the languages that she learned in her trips, but mathematics is the most logical language of all.

Project —

During my time at Faber I will study how to use computers to approach maths problems. We will focus on the use of Sage, a mathematical software. One can use it to describe the algebraic structures describing the tessellations I work on for my PhD. In fact, like one can cover a floor with tiles, the same thing can be done in different spaces and in higher dimensions. Sage can describe the transformations of the space which send one fixed tile in all the others.