Irene García Losquiño

Assistant Professor and writer, University of Alicante

Alicante (Spain)

From October 22 to October 30, 2019

Biography —


Irene García is a researcher and assistant professor at the University of Alicante. Her specialism is viking culture, focusing especially on viking interaction with regions in which they raided and settled. She holds a PhD in Scandinavian Studies from the University of Aberdeen and has published on runic inscriptions and place-names.

Irene is also a writer. She has recently finished her first novel and is currently writing a non-fiction book on lesser-known facts about the vikings. Irene is deeply interested in interdisciplinary debates about the ways in which cultures have interacted with one another throughout history and how this is reflected in language and other cultural aspects.

Project at Faber —

During my stay at Faber, I hope to contribute to the residency’s theme of Diversity Policies with my knowledge of migration from a historical perspective. I am looking forward to fruitful discussion with a variety of thinkers, artists, academics and writers who are exploring the theme from different perspectives, which will surely enrich my own work. I will also devote my stay to undertaking research on the migration of viking legal traditions into the territories they settled outside of Scandinavia.