Guido Cengiarotti



From 22 to 28 May 2017

Biography —

He studied journalism at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and at the Universidad Diego Portales (Santiago de Chile). He took part of the first college multimedia newsroom in the country called Vergara 240, and he covered 2013 presidential election for Megavisión TV Channel. He also worked and collaborated with the Colegio Latinoamericano de Periodistas.

In Catalonia he has worked mainly in local journalism, covering daily events in la Garrotxa area for different media. Now, as a freelance, he continues working for local media but also he works for audiovisual companies and develops journalistic projects about migration and refugees.

Project —

In Faber I want to develop a project I’ve had in mind for several months. It is a brief study to identify tools to detect fake news and informations that spread all over social networks and the Internet. The main aim of the project is to avoid those fake news to continue spreading and provide more knowledge on media, communication and journalism to people, specially youngsters. In global terms, the project has to become a tool to foster critical sense into society and a way to help people to surf the Internet more properly.