Greta Bernotaité

Artist, dancer and choreographer


12 March to 5 April 2017

Biography —

Greta Bernotaité is an interdisciplinary artist, dancer and choreographer. Physical, political, social, bio-chemical, ephemeral and limited body as well as a way of treating it, is a common theme in her projects. Greta is founder of Meno Propaganda, a magazine about Lithuanian modern art scene. Her works have been exhibited in Lithuania, America, China, France and Spain. Greta started working with her body as an art object since 2012. Performance closely interacts with personal life, boundaries are frequently lost on the way.

Project —

During the stay Iamb going to work on creating a solo performance. Leaving traces and performing without a trace. I’m interested about boundaries between art performance and choreography project. I will continue my interest in Butoh and will develop project ‘Uncomfortable spacing’. The project holds a question if movement is limited by spaces and cities or can freedom of expression exist just anywhere? I’m open to collaboration and taking part in project Labranza, produced by Raül Perales. I will be holding performative movement workshops to Cor de Maria students.