Gorka Egia

Teacher on leave of absence, creating his own consultancy, Mayor of Orendain

Orendain (Guipuzcoa)

From January 24 to January 26, 2019

Biography —

Gorka Egia Arregi was born in Pamplona on 29 June of 1978, but grew up in Orendain. The municipality has been mayor for the last seven years. He studied theatre and cinema but after graduating from the UPV to become a foreign language teacher. He has been a teacher for the last sixteen years, three of which were in Sangüesa (Navarra), three in Oakland (California) and ten in Guipúzcoa.

Project —

During my stay in Faber I will take part in the days for the promotion of resilient territories, because during my mandate I have been related to movements such as the economy of the common good or transition towns. The most significant projects have had to do with citizen participation, selective garbage collection, aid to make the daily consumption of citizens more sustainable or the public network of fiber and antennas.