Gilles Mateu

Head of studies at IMERIR

Perpignan (France)

From May 10 to May 12, 2019

Biography —


He got a Master in IT and Automation in 2000. Worked in R&D on Unix and GNU/Linux systems then on IT Architecture and Datacenters with GNU/Linux. He is now Head of Studies and IT Manager at IMERIR.

Project —

At IMERIR we want to develop de “Maker” side of our students and promote the use of new technologies in Perpignan’s area with the help of SquaregoLab, the FabLab of Perpignan. Students use this FabLab to Exchange, test, prototype their ideas and projects. Teachers use this MakerSpace for TD (directed work) and TP (practical work) courses, this allows to apply the knowledge acquired during the theoretical courses carried out at the IMERIR. We co-organize events like the Perpignan Mini Maker Faire or the Open Bidouille Camp.