Ghadeer Mansour

Economist and Urbanist


From January 13 to January 21, 2018

Biography —

Ghadeer Mansour is an Egyptian-American, familiar with concrete jungles and rural villages alike. Fascinated by the [mis]allocation of resources around the globe, she studied economics and political science and began her career as a financial advisor. To understand the economic, environmental, political, and social implications of development, Ghadeer studied city design and social sciences at the graduate level in London. Ghadeer will graduate this December and has recently joined the aviation industry to impact sustainable transportation between cities. 

Project —

Sustainable Financing is my proposed project, centered around the livelihood of towns and medium-sized cities. My project is to develop an alternative form of financing outside of traditional banks, that promotes sustainability. The spread of globalization has encouraged the largest banks and corporations to be in cities around the world, but this could be at the expense of small and medium sized enterprises, or entire towns that are left vulnerable. I aim to work on a project that would poole together the resources of a community to secure funding for local residents’ needs. Financial technology is an emerging powerful tool that has the potential to reduce achievement gaps across the globe, and I aim to research this in the Catalonian setting.