Gerardo Schneider

University professor 

Gothenburg (Sweden)

February 2019

Biography —


Gerardo Schneider is Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University Joseph Fourier (VERIMAG laboratory), France. His research interests include formal verification, the specification and analysis of normative documents, and privacy.

Project —

We (Devdatt Dubhashi, Alessandro Panconesi and I) are writing a popular science book on the legacy of Alan Turing, the father of Computer Science. The Turing Award is an annual award to recognize the achievements of computer scientists, and in our book we explain some central ideas of computer science shaping the world today and how they developed from ideas of Turing and the Turing prize winners. 

Due to our daily professional commitments we have not been able to meet to work together in the project. Faber will provide us with the unique opportunity to meet to work in an undisturbed and dedicated manner towards completion of the book.