George Belliveau

PhD, Theatre Education

Vancouver (Canada)

From March 8 to March 16, 2019

Biography —



His research focuses on research-based theatre and performed research. He has published extensively in the areas of theatre & drama education and arts-based research. His latest co-edited book Research-based Theatre: An Artistic Methodology (Intellect, 2016) explores a variety of international projects that use theatre to examine social issues. He is a professionally trained actor, and has participated in over 100 theatre productions as an actor, director, or playwright. His recent piece Contact!Unload, co-developed with military veterans, artists and counselors, has been performed for a variety of audiences, including politicians at Canada’s Parliament in Ottawa and for Prince Harry in London, UK. He is Peter Wall Scholar and has received a number of awards for his scholarship and was inducted into the College of the Royal Society of Canada (2017).

Project —

During my FABER Residency I will continue to work on key sections of two book projects that look at pedagogical and research innovation. Both books explore innovative ways to integrate theatre as a mode of learning in schools and community. The first book project is based in elementary schools where I have been doing research with a number of teachers on creativity and drama, as pedagogical approaches to learning. The second book project traces an initiative with military veterans and community members with the objective of educating the public about coping and healing from trauma-related injuries.