Fernando Remiro

Teacher of Electronics

Madrid (Spain)

From May 11 to May 13, 2018

Biography —

He has a long career in teaching as a teacher of Electronics since 1980. He is currently a professor of electronic systems at the Juan de la Cierva in Madrid high school. Throughout these years he has written numerous articles in electronic magazines and electronic books. He participates in the Educational Enrichment Program for Highly Capable Students (PEAC), is the coordinator of the Madridbot micro-robot contest, has participated in educational innovation projects at a national as Learning of electronics through robotics, PLUMA Project: Universal Microcontrolled Platform and Gutember 3D Project.

He believes that technological advancement has a lot to do with sharing knowledge and is a proactive maker.

Project —

My participation in Faber will be dedicated to the reflection on the work I have been doing in the world of teaching, exchange experiences with participants in FABER on topics of educational robotics.