FeiFei Han

Research Fellow

Sydney (Australia)

From March 13 to March 20, 2019

Biography —


Feifei Han, PhD, is an educational researcher at Macquarie University. One of her research interests focuses on languages and literacy education for adults and children. She has worked on a number of large scale research projects funded by Australian Research Council. As a mixed-methods researcher, she has high level research skills in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and has rich experience in educational research. She has published 26 journal articles, 24 book chapters, and a book; and delivered presentations in more than 50 international and national conferences. Some of her publications appear in top-quality journals, such as Early Education and Development, Computers and Education, IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, Educational Technology and Society, Frontiers in Psychology, Studies in Higher Education, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education.

Project —

The project I will work on during my stay at Faber Residency is a cross-cultural comparison on 25 Australian and Chinese infant educators’ use of mental state discourse naturally occurring episodes in early childhood education and care centres. Mental state discourse is used to express emotion, desire, perception, cognition, and thinking. It is important because it raises children’s awareness of their own and others’ thoughts and feelings, fosters their social-emotional development, and academic and literacy outcomes. I will analyze different types of mental state discourse with reference to cultural contexts, and organisational and managerial features of the centre.