Fabritia D’Intino

Dancer, Choreographer and Cultural Manager

Foligno (Italy)

From November 22 to November 24, 2019

Biography —

Fabritia D’Intino (ITA,1986) is based in Foligno (Italy). In 2008 she graduates at the National Dance Academy of Rome and in 2011 at Artez Hogeschool vor de Kunsten in Arnhem (NL). She works as freelance dancer and she develops her own works mostly in collaboration with interdisciplinary artists. From 2013 she is the artistic coordinator at B.I.D.E. – Barcelona International Dance Exchange. In 2017 her solo “wannabe”, created in collaboration with the musician Federico Scettri, has won several prizes. Since 2018 she is performer and associated artist with the company Chiasma by Salvo Lombardo (Rome). In 2019 she premiers “Plubel” at Festival Le Grand Bain (Roubaix, France) in collaboration with Clèmentine Vanlerberghe. Plubel is part of the Danse Eargie Selection for the programs at Theatre De La Ville (Paris) and Sadler’s Wells (London). In 2019 she is the maker and artistic coordinator of the partecipative project “Museo Domestico” in Terni (Italy).

Project —

In Faber we will deepen the concept of horizontality in our project “BIDE – Barcelona International Dance Exchange”. The project gathers artists in the field of dance from all over the world and every year with BIDE Team we work on developing a method called B>Lab in which all the participants can meet and share their artistic visions and practises. Together with working on the format of the main event of our project we will also define better the inner structure of our association including riflections and discussion around the Gender studies theories in order to strenghten our role in society as cultural managers.