Ezequiel González

Writer and teacher


From September 18 to September 27, 2018

Biography —

Journalist and writer. Specialized on Literary Journalism, he holds a Master’s degree in Communication, Journalism and Humanities for the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

He wrote the book Cuando encuentres a Malinowski and he won the Literary Journalism Prize MeCoPH-UAB-editorial Base 2014.

Expert in the field of literature’s possibilities and the different ways to narrate “reality”. He is a tireless searcher, always looking for “real” stories which he will write from a literary and anthropological perspective.

He is the titular teacher of several subjects (Literature, Communication, Culture and Society) in a High School. He also writes columns for several digital magazines and he works on several literary journalism and fiction projects.

Project —

During my stay in Faber, I will work on writing a factual story about a sexagenarian musician who lost the opportunity of becoming famous when he was young. The story recreates the last afternoon of a year, in which this musician explains his life to his old mother, even if he makes up some passages of this story. Both characters are linked by a very strong bond. The reader is questioned by this narration through the disruption of some feelings attached to human condition, the constant doubt about what would have happened if. Where goes the life that we wanted but we couldn’t? All material collected since 2013 will help me to stretch out the form beyond its limits so I will be able to find the essence of this story and character, Chikito Reyna.

Moreover, I will work with all residents who are former students and Mecoph professors about an online literary journalism project.