Ezequiel González

Writer and teacher


From September 18 to September 27, 2018

Biography —

Journalist and writer. Specialized on Literary Journalism, he holds a Master’s degree in Communication, Journalism and Humanities for the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

He wrote the book Cuando encuentres a Malinowski and he won the Literary Journalism Prize MeCoPH-UAB-editorial Base 2014.

Expert in the field of literature’s possibilities and the different ways to narrate “reality”. He is a tireless searcher, always looking for “real” stories which he will write from a literary and anthropological perspective.

He is the titular teacher of several subjects (Literature, Communication, Culture and Society) in a High School. He also writes columns for several digital magazines and he works on several literary journalism and fiction projects.

Project —

During the stay, I will write about a neighbourhood raised in the only uninhabitable declared place in Argentina. Highly contaminated, this neighbourhood takes several Argentinian citizens and immigrants in. Victims of the Administration’s apathy, they are all living in poverty, looking for the last place in the world. They took a land where there was a rubbish dump and they created the association Pueblos Unidos, a sort of little Latin America which fights for its rights. Henceforth, their line of thinking is based on solidarity and self-management.

I have the intention to share my experience on this field with the other residents. To think about how a place’s story is built upon different narrations: their voices, which were quiet before, and their forced choice for survival.