Eva Mateo

Arts teacher in Secondary School

Barcelona (Catalonia)

From May 14 to May 17, 2018

Biography —

Arts teacher in Secondary School. Fine Arts Graduated by the Universitat de Barcelona. Estudies in Landscape Architecture. As a teacher, she has worked in a team that has developed STEAM projects at class. Also, she has participated at Cinema en curs. The value of those projects is the oportunity of learning together, students and teachers.

She is currently teaching technical advisor in the Innovation and Teacher Training Service of the General Directorate of Secondary Education in the Department of Education, defining the STEAMcat innovation programme.

Project —

STEAMcat is a Government Plan aimed at increasing scientific-technological and mathematical vocations. This plan takes the form of our STEAM training and guidance innovation service for primary and secondary school teachers and the creation of a STEAMcat pedagogical innovation programme for the transformation of educational centres.