Esmeralda Berbel Perdiguero

Writer and teacher of Creative Writing


February 2019

Biography —

Born in Badalona on 17 April 1961. She studied Hispanic Philology at the University of Barcelona. In 2000 she published her first book of short stories, El hombre que pagaba noches enteras, Femenino-Lumen award; Alismas, Montserrat Roig award, the poems Calma corazón, calma and Fumar en la bañera. She has written several non-fiction books on mistreatment, adolescence, etc. She has made the work of editor with the epistolary book No se lo cuentes a nadie and 27 de sep. Un día en la vida de las mujeres etc. In 2017 ahe publishes her first novel, Detrás y delante de los puentes, and her new book, a personal diary, Irse. Her stories have received numerous awards. She is currently writing and teaching Creative Writing at the Writing School of the Ateneu Barcelonès and other public and private centres.

Project —

During my stay at Faber I will work on the writing of my novel, which deals with one of the most pressing issues in women’s history: power games. The confusion in front of the discourse of a man whose social class, culture, orality, seduction and discourse between confused and “reasonable” target the most fragile areas of the human being. The development of the plot is posed with the scenes in which the man subdues the woman in a subtle and confusing way. The chapters are intertwined between the narrative and the dialogue in which she is perplexed by the doses of love and desire while psychological abuse occurs. Both converge in the same being.