Emeric Duclaux


Arandas (France)

From March 13 to March 15, 2018

Biography —

Emeric Duclaux graduated in tropical agronomy linked to development and humanitarian actions. These activities made him discover local traditional farming in Panama, Uganda and urban slums struggles in Manila, Philippines. Through agronomy and social sciences, he got more and more interested in Permaculture, helping him to understand societies and their environment as systems. He worked to build alternative food production systems in urban agriculture, promoting sustainable agriculture practices and local consumption to improve cities resilience. Since then, he visited alternative ways of living and his interest has moved not only to sustainable food production, but to sustainable societies organizations. He still takes part in humanitarian urgency working on providing air support to locate migrants’ boats in the Mediterranean Sea.

Project —

Emeric Duclaux is designing an assessment model of societies and communities’ vulnerability to global collapse. Adopting a systemic approach, he wants to identify key factors of societies resilience in a trans-disciplinary approach. The more resilient a system is, the less vulnerable it is. He wants to create a ready-to-use tool to assess the resilience for people and institutions.

Then, Emeric Duclaux will try this resilience assessment tool on different societies and communities. The idea is to highlight some inspiring systems and give clues to improve resilience.