Elsa Hermida



From 20 to 21 May 2017

Biography —

Interested in politics, urban planning, social economy, third sector, culture and travel. Degree in Journalism from the UAB (2007) and specialized in political communication. More than eight years of experience in radio, photography and press departments, such as the Congress or Festival Mecal short. She has also worked as an editor freelance doing reports and articles for various publications such as ‘La Vanguardia’, ‘Expansion’, ‘Kingdom Magazine’, ‘Ssstendhal’ or ‘FEW’.

Project —

At Faber I’m going to work on the project Circular Portraits, by SomAtents, which we have already begun in Besòs and Les Corts districts, with the aim of developing a comprehensive proposal for all Barcelona and in this way to create synergies between young boys and girls that take photos and reflect on media stereotypes of its neighborhoods. In addition, I will try to rethink the exhibition of Amalia Jail to adapt to a big format, as well as consider future activities related to the recovery of the historical memory of Raval.